Squeeze’s Youtility Acquisition Revolutionizes Comparison Market

Squeeze’s Youtility Acquisition Revolutionizes Comparison Market

US tech platform Squeeze.com has acquired UK startup Youtility, focusing on embedded home finance management. The move aims to revolutionize the price comparison market for businesses and consumers. The partnership enables banks to integrate money-saving features, ushering in a new era in UK price comparison.

Youtility, armed with its B2B API platform and prestigious client roster including Virgin Money, Wagestream, and Pockit, is actively seeking further substantial banking partnerships. This coincides with a surge in UK household energy costs and a widespread need to economize.

Since its 2021 launch, Squeeze has rapidly established its presence in the US, enabling average customers to save $786 annually on car insurance and $400 annually on home insurance. Squeeze achieved this by employing a dual strategy that combines consumer advocacy with autonomous technology to streamline processes. The strategic collaboration between Squeeze and Youtility is bringing this successful approach to the UK, offering a transformative solution for both businesses and consumers in the comparison market.

Elias Janetis, Founder and CEO of Squeeze, said in a statement:

“I am excited that our expert team and unique technology can help UK consumers to make more informed decisions and to save money on their home finances. Our combined technologies will allow banks to embed essential money saving actions and help all customers, not just the financially savvy, bring about a new era of price comparison to the UK market.”

Squeeze.com’s acquisition of Youtility combines consumer expertise with B2B services to create a unique embedded financial experience for businesses and consumers. Youtility’s co-founders express enthusiasm for the partnership’s mission to help people save on major expenses. The collaboration aims to revolutionize the UK market by offering a streamlined approach to managing household finances. Furthermore, it focuses on making the process more cost-effective and efficient.

Tyler Randolph Boyd, Chief Strategy Officer, underscores the acquisition’s importance for both businesses and consumers. He said in a statement:

“By combining the consumer-facing expertise of Squeeze with the market-leading B2B services of Youtility, we will offer a one-of-a-kind embedded experience both for businesses and their consumers.”

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