Affinity Plus Introduces Installment Payments for Credit Card

Affinity Plus Introduces Installment Payments for Credit Card

Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union has introduced an installment payment option for their credit cards, providing members with added financial flexibility. The member-owned cooperative’s new offering is available for credit card purchases falling within a specific price range. Members can utilize this option for purchases that cost anywhere from $100 to $9,999.99.

By offering the installment payment option, members can pay off their debts in a more organized and predictable manner. This simplifies their financial management and also has the potential to result in reduced interest costs, saving members money in the long run.

“With terms and rates specific to the purchase, the installment payment option on qualifying purchases can keep more of our members’ money in their own pockets,” said Nic Peterson, Vice President of Payment Systems at Affinity Plus.

Visa® Premier Select Rewards and Premier Classic cardholders have three options for dividing their eligible purchases into multiple payments. Each of these options includes fixed rates and terms, allowing cardholders to choose a repayment plan that best suits their financial needs, with terms spanning from 3 to 18 months.

Hence, their installment payment option empowers members with flexibility, cost savings, and structured debt repayment.

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