P0 Security Raises $5 Million to Safeguard Cloud Identity Access

P0 Security Raises $5 Million to Safeguard Cloud Identity Access

P0 Security has raised $5 million in seed funding from investors including Lightspeed Venture Partners and SV Angel. The cybersecurity firm will use the funds to enhance its cloud access security solution. P0 Security aims to provide a unified solution for securing cloud access, addressing the complexities of modern cloud-native app development. As traditional network perimeters struggle to meet security demands, the company’s innovative approach focuses on safeguarding cloud identities and ensuring the security of critical services and data.

In today’s dynamic tech landscape, both human and machine users access infrastructure from diverse locations and devices. Critical resources are scattered across multiple cloud platforms, creating complexity with microservices interacting with transient resources. Identity has become the primary security access point, with 47% of critical cloud misconfigurations attributed to identity and entitlement issues, according to Cloudstrike’s 2023 Cloud Risk Report. Consequently, organizations prioritize comprehensive control over cloud access for all identities to address these security challenges.

Many organizations use a fragmented approach with various security tools, such as CNAPP, CIEM, and PAM, to address cloud access security, often facing resistance and incomplete security. P0 Security offers a unified solution that empowers security engineers to secure cloud access for all identities. Their solution provides visibility, role customization, and automation, streamlining the process and enhancing security.

Shashwat Sehgal, CEO and Co-founder of P0 Security said in a statement:

“Companies understand the limits of their network perimeter against the backdrop of increasing cloud-native app development, paving the way for P0 Security. With seed funding and the GA of our solution, P0 Security is the first to address a critical need among businesses for a unified solution to secure access in a cloud-native environment. We believe that secure access is always a priority-zero problem for security teams, and we want to give them tools to solve it.”

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