Hearify Unveils the Future of AI-Powered Personalized Education

Hearify Unveils the Future of AI-Powered Personalized Education

According to Grand View Research, the global EdTech market size was valued at UD 123.40 Billion in 2022. Experts expect it to grow at a 13.6% CAGR from 2023 to 2030. Innovation has become a key pillar in transforming learning experiences in the ever-evolving education landscape. At the forefront of this is Hearify, a platform that reimagines the connection between teaching and pedagogy. The creators envisioned Hearify to harness artificial intelligence’s power. Hearify is redefining traditional educational methodologies, ensuring they cater to the different learning needs of each student. 

Introduction to Innovation: Hearify’s Vision for Education

Promethean conducted a survey and found that more than 80% of teachers and administrators believe that EdTech supports students’ learning process. At the core of Hearify, they have recognized the challenge lies in the long educational system worldwide: one size fits all. This hinders the students from learning as the system is homogenous, failing to unlock the real potential of every student. 

Hearify’s CEO, Sofiia Shaposhnikova, emphasizes in an exclusive discussion with Xtartup Bar that the inception of Hearify was a direct response to this gap, “Our mission is to create a more inclusive and adaptive learning environment where technology serves as a bridge between educators and students, allowing for personalized education paths.”

Hearify extends the vision of integrating technology into classrooms. It is about creating a relationship where AI adapts to the learning pattern of the students and empowers teachers to automate routine tasks. This will allow better focus, maximizing the output of education.

Hearify uses AI algorithms to analyze student behaviors and responses. This allows the system to adjust the student’s learning material to ensure optimal learning. Additionally, by tracking progress and identifying areas for improvement, Hearify lets educators intervene precisely when it is most crucial for their guidance. 


Source: Hearify

Covid accelerated the need to look into personalized learning

As per an article by UNESCO, during the peak of the crisis of COVID-19, over 1.6 billion students in 190+ countries were out of school. Hearify embodies a future where learning is not just a transfer of knowledge but a tailored journey that respects and responds to the individual needs of each student.

A report by the World Economic Forum suggests that even before COVID-19, global edTech investments reached USD 18.66 Billion in 2019, and the global market will reach USD 350 Billion by 2025, which has increased massively because of COVID-19. RAND Corporation found that approximately two-thirds of the teachers in the U.S. personalized their instructions in 2020, which indicates a shift towards personalized learning. 

A Conversation with CEO Sofiia Shaposhnikova

Hearify wants to revolutionize the way we currently perceive learning. According to HolonIQ, USD 20.8 Billion was invested in EdTech startups in 2021 in over 1500 funding rounds. This was approximately three times more than investment in 2019.

Sofiia, about the untapped potential of personalized education. “We discovered a disconnect between the current educational offerings and the intrinsic needs of students,” Sofiia recounts. This insight, coupled with her experiences as a tutor, sowed the seeds for Hearify.

Sofiia started her journey with Hearify by deeply exploring her students’ world. Traditional teaching methods there did not match the students’ pace. She devoted hours to planning but still struggled to meet individual student needs within the time and resources available.

“I saw the struggle firsthand—the need for a tool that could tailor the educational experience to each unique learner,” Sofiia shares.

Sofiia’s realization prompted her to create Hearify. It’s a platform designed to listen, adapt, and evolve with each student’s needs. “Our goal was never just to build another ed-tech tool,” Sofiia clarifies, “but to create a companion for both students and teachers—a system that evolves and learns from every interaction to provide a truly personalized learning journey.”

The start of Hearify was not just about integrating AI into education but redefining the role of technology in the classroom. “We envisioned Hearify as a catalyst for change—a means to free teachers from the drudgery of routine tasks and empower them to do what they do best: teach, inspire, and nurture young minds,” Sofiia asserts with passion.

Sofiia’s experience as a private tutor, coupled with CPO Polina Vasylenko’s insights as a teacher, fueled the creation of Hearify. “We envisioned an online platform that could truly listen to the needs of students and tailor materials to their characteristics,” Sofiia explains. Hearify began as an innovation sparked by empathy and vision. It reflects Sofiia’s faith in personalized education’s transformative power.

Sofiia recounts an encounter highlighting the platform’s potential: “We met a teacher who meticulously planned every lesson and kept detailed records of each of his 52 students’ progress in a notebook. The amount of time he could save with our app was a real eye-opener.”

Hearify - See dynamics

Source: Hearify

From Insights to Action: The Catalyst Behind Hearify

Sofiia shares the inspiration behind the platform: “Our market research on students revealed that modern online education methods were not effectively tailored to the real needs of students. But the issue wasn’t just one-sided; educators also faced significant challenges.”

Educators have to spend an unsustainable amount of time on routine tasks. The Learning Policy Institute study reveals 20% non-instructional time. Hearify aims to reclaim this time.

Sofiia reflects on this: “We aim to shift the paradigm from one-size-fits-all to a more nuanced educational approach where each minute a teacher spends is impactful. Hearify is not just a tool; it’s the bridge between traditional methods and the future of education—intuitive, individualized, and inclusive.” 

The vision drives educational transformation through innovation and empathy. It ensures each student receives deserved attention.

Real-world Impact: Hearify in the Classroom

Hearify is making tangible differences in classrooms by improving and streamlining lesson planning and tracking student progress precisely. A single teacher dedicated 30 to 60 minutes to preparing and assessing students. Hearify has immensely reduced these tasks.

This allows the teacher to have a better focus on the student interaction. By embracing Hearify, educators witnessed a transformation, heightening student engagement, individualized learning paths, and better academic outcomes. 

Hearify - Generate Tasks

Source: Hearify

The Road Ahead: Hearify’s Ambitious Plans for Growth

“Our plans are ambitious,” Sofiia states. “We’re attracting users, raising funds, and advancing our development plan. We aim to scale to more subjects, enter new markets, and perhaps explore the integration of offline education as well.”

For Sofiia and the Hearify team, the future of AI in education transcends transformation. It’s about revolutionizing teaching and learning experiences. “Each student is unique,” Sofiia emphasizes, “and our mission is to ensure that this uniqueness is recognized and catered to within the educational journey.”

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