Waltio announces €1.8 million in fundraising

Waltio announces €1.8 million in fundraising

Waltio announces a major milestone in its journey, successfully securing a fundraising round totaling €1.8 million euros. This financial boost sets the stage to propel the startup to new heights. It enables the company to advance its development and streamline the monitoring and tax declaration processes for cryptocurrencies.

The fundraising saw participation from a distinguished group of investors. This included well-known business angels and institutional players such as Clément Coeurdeuil, co-founder of Budget Insight; Joan Burkovic, co-founder of Bankin’; Owen Simonin, renowned as Hasheur; Julien Bouteloup, founder of Stake Capital; and Crédit Agricole Capital Développement.

The €1.8 million euros marks a significant achievement for Waltio. It reinforces its commitment to innovation and providing cutting-edge solutions in the realm of cryptocurrency tracking and tax reporting. Additionally, the startup aspires to position itself as an indispensable tax monitoring and compliance software for European individuals. Furthermore, they aim to make the taxation of crypto-assets accessible and compliant with European regulations.

Waltio will allocate the raised funds to drive its growth and enhance its offerings through several key initiatives:

  • Advanced Software Development. Waltio is set to fortify its automated portfolio tracking and digital asset tax reporting software, aiming to provide users with an even more intuitive and efficient experience.
  • Enhanced Tax Compliance Solution. The startup plans to upgrade its tax compliance solution for exchanges, ensuring greater accuracy and alignment with evolving regulations in the dynamic cryptocurrency landscape.
  • International Expansion. Waltio is preparing to grow in global markets, particularly targeting new European areas. Their goal is to offer cryptocurrency tax management services to a wider audience through this expansion.
  • Integration of Artificial Intelligence. Waltio plans to use advanced technology like AI to improve how they gather and evaluate data for Web3. This step will upgrade their features and put Waltio ahead in cryptocurrency management innovation.

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