Layla Expands Reach: Acquires AI Itinerary Builder Roam Around

Layla Expands Reach: Acquires AI Itinerary Builder Roam Around

Layla, a burgeoning travel startup, has recently made waves in the industry with its innovative approach to trip planning. With the backing of prominent investors including firstminute Capital, M13, and key figures from giants like and Skyscanner, Layla has quickly gained traction in the market.

In a strategic move to enhance its services, Layla announced its acquisition of Roam Around, an AI-powered itinerary-building bot. Founded by former Google employee Shie Gabbai, Roam Around garnered attention with its intuitive platform, attracting investment from and renowned investor Jason Calacanis.

The collaboration between Layla and Roam Around marks a great step forward in travel technology. Layla saw Roam Around’s expertise in itinerary creation as a perfect complement to its existing platform. Saad Saeed, co-founder of Layla, emphasized the synergy between the two companies, citing Roam Around’s rapid growth and Layla’s strong social presence as key factors in the acquisition.

Already underway, Layla has begun integrating Roam Around’s features into its platform, promising users access to enhanced itinerary data. Simultaneously, Layla plans to phase out the Roam Around brand, fully integrating its capabilities into the Layla experience.

Layla’s move reflects broader trends in the travel tech landscape. Competitors like Kayak and Expedia are exploring AI-driven solutions. On the other hand, platforms like Matador Network and MapMyIndia are leveraging influencer content and localization to enhance user experiences.

As Layla continues to innovate and expand its offerings, the acquisition of Roam Around signals a promising future. With an ever-evolving industry landscape, Layla remains committed to providing travelers with seamless and personalized trip-planning experiences.

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