AudioPen: A Web App for Converting Voice into Text Notes

AudioPen: A Web App for Converting Voice into Text Notes

AudioPen, developed by Louis Pereira, is a new web software for note-taking that distinguishes itself from conventional alternatives such as Apple Notes and Google Keep. It allows its users to convert their speech into structured text-based notes. Being a web app, it lets users enjoy a seamless experience due to its lightweight design and cross-platform functionality. Users start recording by simply clicking on the microphone button, and this audio input is then transcribed using OpenAl’s advanced APIs, particularly Whisper, for transcription.

Pereira mentioned that he began developing the app as an experiment to learn more about OpenAI’s APIs. However, when he received positive feedback from select users, AudioPen was released as a standalone tool.

AudioPen Prime

Source: AudioPen

AudioPen offers users a free-to-use option with certain limitations. Free users can record voice notes for up to 3 minutes in a single session and store up to 10 notes on the platform. However, for users seeking enhanced functionality and unlimited access, AudioPen provides a premium plan priced at $60 per year or $120 for a lifetime pass. The Premium subscription offers users a variety of benefits, including extended recording capabilities of up to 15 minutes, unlimited cloud storage for notes, and the ability to upload a maximum of 30 personal audio files per month.

Moreover, paid users also enjoy the convenience of downloading the audio within an hour of recording, assigning tags for easy note retrieval, and the automatic generation of summaries within AudioPen. Additionally, the app allows users to select multiple notes on the same topic and create a “Super Summary,” particularly useful for research projects involving numerous notes.

Paid user in AudioPen can automatically generate summaries

Thanks to its integration with OpenAI’s APIs, AudioPen offers a range of powerful features that enhance the note-taking experience. Users can enjoy multiple language support, enabling them to capture thoughts in different languages without worrying about grammar and structure. Additionally, AudioPen facilitates seamless translation, eliminating language barriers for non-native English speakers, just like Louis Pereira’s father.

While AudioPen offers impressive functionality as a web app, it does come with certain limitations. Users must have a stable internet connection to ensure seamless transcription. Additionally, for iPhone users, it’s important to note that web apps on iOS do not have permanent access to the microphone or camera. Therefore, users are required to grant permission each time they record a note.

In recent developments, Pereira has been actively working on expanding the app’s capabilities. Last month, he released a Chrome extension for AudioPen, enabling users to capture notes from any tab without the need to visit the website. In addition, Pereira has launched a writing style library that allows users to incorporate different styles into their note-taking experience. Excitingly, he has expressed plans to focus on improving the note-sharing feature, indicating a commitment to ongoing enhancements and user satisfaction.

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