Tesla: Transfer FSD to any New Vehicle without Additional Costs

Tesla: Transfer FSD to any New Vehicle without Additional Costs

Elon Musk has recently announced that Tesla customers can transfer their full self-driving software to their second vehicle as a one-time amnesty. This offer can only be availed of by the owners if a new Tesla car is delivered from July 20 to September 3, 2023.

Unfortunately, customers who take delivery of their second vehicle before or will make it after September 3 can not take advantage of this exclusive offer and will need to repurchase the FSD capabilities again.

According to the reports, the FSD software, previously priced at $5000, isn’t cheap now. Tesla increased the price to $15,000 last year.

Further details were revealed by a Twitter enthusiast, @Kdahlenburg, regarding the FSD software.
“Tesla just contacted me to let me know they are sending me a form to fill out to complete the transfer. I have not seen the form yet. I ordered a X from local inventory yesterday.”

Tesla customers are urged to remember that when the transfer is made, the FSD capabilities from their old EV will be forfeited a week before their scheduled delivery date. The software can not be reclaimed even if they cancel their order. This groundbreaking offer comes with another term: customers might miss the offer if the deliveries get delayed, as Tesla doesn’t guarantee delivery after the promo time is over.

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