Japan To Deploy Faster Electric Vehicle Chargers!

Japan To Deploy Faster Electric Vehicle Chargers!

Japan is ramping up its efforts to support the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) by deploying faster chargers on its highways. They plan to install high-speed EV chargers at approximately 1,000 locations along highways and major roads nationwide by 2023. These chargers will deliver up to 150 kilowatts of power, significantly reducing charging times for EVs. Currently, EVs take around 30 minutes to reach an 80% charge. However, the new high-speed chargers are expected to cut that time in half.

By deploying a robust charging infrastructure, Japan aims to alleviate the common concern of range anxiety and encourage more drivers to switch to electric vehicles. The availability of fast chargers along highways will provide ease to EV owners, allowing them to easily recharge their vehicles during long journeys.

The move is part of the country’s push to transition to a greener transportation system and reduce carbon emissions. As one of the world’s largest carbon emitters, the transportation sector plays a significant role in Japan’s emissions. Moreover, by encouraging the adoption of electric vehicles and providing faster charging options, Japan aims to reduce its carbon spread and contribute to a more sustainable future.

The Japanese government’s initiative is also expected to boost tourism and local economies. With the installation of these fast chargers, travelers will be more inclined to explore remote areas and rural destinations, knowing that charging facilities are readily available. This will support local businesses and contribute to regional development.

The move to faster EV chargers is expected to fuel the growth of the electric vehicle market in the country. Japan’s commitment to expanding its charging infrastructure demonstrates its willpower to become a leader in sustainable transportation. By embracing electric vehicles and deploying faster chargers, the country sets an example for others, showing that a greener future is within reach. Furthermore, consumers will likely embrace electric vehicles as a viable alternative to traditional gasoline-powered cars as charging becomes more convenient.

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