Instagram New DM Request Update Safeguard Users from Unwanted Content

Instagram New DM Request Update Safeguard Users from Unwanted Content

Meta-owned Instagram launched its new feature to safeguard users from unwanted images or videos in their DMs. This is for people who aren’t following a specific individual but are interested in sending them a DM request.
They can only send a single text message, which means images, voice notes, or videos can only be shared after the individual accepts their message request. Previously on Instagram, any stranger could send unlimited texts, imagery, and clips to random users.

The app already has restrictions designed specifically to protect its users from improper and obscene content. However, the new upgrade makes it a lot better. Instagram has a ” Hidden Words” setting that will hide message requests containing offensive words and inappropriate emojis. The “Limits” feature protects users from sudden spikes in unwanted comments or DM requests. Additionally, “Restrict” will allow users to restrict their abusers. Even if they leave comments on your post, the setting will hide comments from everyone except for them. However, there is always an option to block strangers or abusers’ current and other accounts they may have or make.


Source: Instagram

Head of the Women’s Safety department at Meta Cindy Southworth, said, “We want people to feel confident and in control when they open their inbox.” She emphasized the importance of feeling safe and secure while opening one’s account. “That’s why we’re testing new features that mean people can’t receive images, videos, or multiple messages from someone they don’t follow until they’ve accepted the request to chat. We’re grateful for the feedback we hear from our community, and we’ll keep listening to find ways to help everyone feel safer on Instagram.”

The social media giant notes that the new feature will especially benefit women as they often receive unsolicited DMs. Meta shows the utmost commitment to the safety of its users through this upgrade. The upgrade is about to be released after the testing ends.

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