Babbel acquires Toucan, a language learning browser extension

Babbel acquires Toucan, a language learning browser extension

Babbel, a language-learning subscription service, has purchased Toucan, a browser extension. Toucan had stopped operations earlier this year, but its service remained online. Babbel will merge Toucan into its ecosystem as “Toucan by Babbel” and include its features in the free tier.

Toucan’s technology translates words into the learner’s desired language during browsing and substituting words on webpages with their translations into the language they’re learning. However, Toucan struggled to make profits despite popularity and funding.

Babbel has purchased Toucan not for profit but to propel more users to its platform and increase value for its subscribers. Babbel will integrate Toucan’s technology, expanding the language options beyond what Babbel currently offers. The platform aims to give a free service through Toucan to connect with users who may not want to pay yet. This action prioritizes building strong relationships with users beyond immediate conversions.

Babbel is a popular language learning subscription service making strides in education. It is known for its innovative strategy of language acquisition, utilizing technology to provide an interactive and personalized learning experience. From its start, Babbel has been dedicated to assisting individuals to learn a new language effectively and confidently.

Babbel aims to merge its app with Toucan to assist paying users in increasing their vocabulary more effectively. In 2022, Babbel earned about $270 million in revenue, a 32% boost from the previous year, and is performing well this year, too. The company had delayed its IPO in 2021 due to a tough market and expressed interest in purchases. They previously purchased LingoVentura, but the pandemic forced them to close that service.

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