Upland introduces innovative mapping tech for B2B sales insights

Upland introduces innovative mapping tech for B2B sales insights

Upland Software, Inc. has introduced Altify Insights, a pioneering solution for B2B sales organizations. Upland Software aids worldwide enterprises in swift digital transformation with a robust cloud software library. Its expanding product range offers vital processes and workflows often missing from major cloud platforms. Furthermore, it will help streamline the sales cycle and increase win rates. It will also enable effective relationship strategies by visualizing key decision-makers, utilizing templates, and revealing buyer insights within Salesforce.

Nigel Cullington, VP of Marketing for Sales Effectiveness solutions at Upland said,

“In today’s difficult business landscape, with hard to-source pipeline and slipped deals, it has never been more vital for sellers to understand who matters most in deal cycles and how to solve their challenges. Altify Insights is the very first solution of its kind available on the market that gives sellers everything they need to nurture customer relationships that drive revenue.”

Altify Insights has two core functions: Relationship Map and Insight Map. Together these capabilities will empower the sales team to:

  • Generate insights to focus on winnable deals: Altify Insights enable the sales team to identify key decision-makers, identify business problems, and develop strategic opportunity plans. This guides sellers toward successful closures.
  • Get Salesforce-native software seamless value: Altify Insights directs sellers within Salesforce with context-driven actions, insights, and best practices.
  • Align your extended revenue team: Achieve improved collaboration, identify gaps, and boost revenue by uniting sales, marketing, and customer success through a unified customer view.

Billy Martin, Senior Director, Strategic Programs and Leadership Development at Medidata Solutions, said, “To be successful, sellers must be able to articulate all the key drivers influencing the companies within their territory or for a specific client. Having relationship and insight maps is critical to their success. When sellers devote their time to building insights, they reap massive benefits.”

Altify Insights has increased Altify’s sales solutions by enabling sellers to blend advanced technology with expert strategies for various tasks like account planning and opportunity management.

Built on the Salesforce platform, Altify Insights is now available on AppExchange. Moreover, check out this free interactive demo to see the power of Altify Insights firsthand.

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