Aderant Unveils Cutting-Edge Innovations in Expert Billing

Aderant Unveils Cutting-Edge Innovations in Expert Billing

Aderant, a worldwide supplier of management software for legal practices, has released its top software, Expert 8.2 SP3. This latest version includes significant enhancements to Expert Billing, focusing on automating billing processes and enhancing transparency.

Aderant is committed to enhancing law firms’ operational efficiency and innovation. With its presence in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, Aderant is a trusted partner for law firms seeking to embrace the digital age.

Pioneering the Future with Expert Billing

A dramatic shift in the legal landscape has occurred as law firms are switching from traditional paper-based billing to digital systems. At the center of this change is Aderant’s Expert Paperless Billing, which aids legal practices in their digital transformation. Automated bill preparation and approval procedures enable legal companies to eliminate manual data entry and improve efficiency and accuracy in bill processing. 

Innovative Features Transforming Billing Dynamics

Aderant has brought a range of enhancements to the Expert Paperless Billing module, revolutionizing the billing experience for law firms:

Enhanced Intuitiveness in Bill Review and Editing:

The Paperless Billing Inbox streamlines billing partners’ productivity. This centralized interface empowers users to manage billing tasks and prebills seamlessly. Robust search and sorting features facilitate effortless task retrieval based on specific client, matter, or bill attributes.

Elevated Communication and Collaboration:

Sharing tasks and fostering collaboration receive a boost. Partners can now share tasks while retaining ownership, aided by the new Bill Notes feature. This synergy expedites approvals and harmonizes the billing team’s efforts.

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Amplified Visibility and Tracking:

The Bill Summary screen, directly accessible from the Prebill List, presents a concise overview of all prebill modifications. This enhanced transparency simplifies workflows and minimizes potential billing disputes.

Onyx Integration

The cutting-edge Outside Counsel Guidelines (OCG) compliance platform driven by AI, Onyx, also effortlessly connects with Aderant’s Expert. This integration automates compliance procedures, extracting OCG terms and enforcing billing rules across checkpoints. Consequently, this integration allows law firms to reduce bil rejections.

Doug Matthews, Chief Product Officer at Aderant, emphasizes,

“The synergy between Expert and Onyx transforms how law firms navigate compliance. This integration simplifies billing processes and accelerates compensation for law firms.”

In a legal landscape characterized by change, Aderant’s commitment to innovation positions law firms for success in their digital transformation journey. With these enhancements, Aderant continues to be a driving force in the evolution of the legal industry.

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