Thursday Night Football now has new AI-elements from Amazon

Thursday Night Football now has new AI-elements from Amazon

With a flurry of new AI-driven features, Amazon’s Prime Video is preparing for its second season as the sole rights holder to NFL’s Thursday Night Football (TNF). It intends to provide fans with a better viewing experience. Hardcore sports fans’ viewing habits have significantly changed with the use of AI and ML models in sports. It allows them to delve deeper into the data. Other AI features were added by Amazon to TNF last year.

  • X-Ray, which offers fans immediate access to live statistics and analytics,
  • Rapid Recap, which creates up to 13 two-minute-long highlights for viewers to catch up on plays throughout a game,

And it is safe to assume that the tech juggernaut is not taking the brakes off the throttle after taking home its first Sports Emmy award in May. Prime Vision with Next Gen analytics is TNF’s weekly alternative stream containing multiple visual overlays during plays. So fans can watch analytics and analysis in real-time, including all the new AI features.

Defensive Alerts:

Amazon’s in-house ML neural network, Defensive Alerts, can detect when defensive players are poised to rush the opposition’s quarterback. To help spectators focus on the right players, a red orb will emerge around them.

“It’s able to look at all players’ XY coordinate data, their relationship to each other, as well as their acceleration; where are they moving and how fast are they moving directionally to predict who’s going to blitz,” explained Sam Schwartzstein, TNF Analytics Expert at Prime Video.

Prime Targets:

When the receiver (lighted up by the green orb) rushes out and establishes a distance between himself and the defenders after the quarterback drops back to prepare to deliver a ball, the feature automatically detects this.

Key Plays:

Fans may enjoy in-game highlights and pivotal moments with Key Plays whether they’re currently watching. Key Plays uses AI and machine learning to provide viewers with a comprehensive recap of what is occurring on the pitch, just like Rapid Recap guarantees that fans never miss the action.

Field Goal Target Zones:

Field goal target lines are the digital line that shows after a half or a game, where if a team gets to it, they can shoot a field goal. Multiple lines on the screen will display Amazon’s Field Goal Target Zones feature. It informs viewers of the chance that a kicker will make a field goal at each location.

TNF can now watch HDR-quality videos on Prime Video.

HDR streaming will be made publicly accessible to all TNF fans this season. Many fans will probably like the visual improvement because of an interesting experience with increased contrast and vibrant colors.

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