McKinsey Partners with Salesforce to Accelerate AI Adoption Plans for Enterprises

McKinsey Partners with Salesforce to Accelerate AI Adoption Plans for Enterprises

McKinsey & Company and Salesforce are collaborating to accelerate the adoption of generative AI in sales, marketing, commerce, and service sectors. Their partnership joins Salesforce’s popular CRM software, including Einstein applications and Data Cloud, with McKinsey’s AI and data expertise. Furthermore, this collaboration plans to provide a “new end-to-end experience” for customers, involving McKinsey in assessing their business objectives and employing “rapid solution design” to have a tailored proof-of-concept and minimum viable product (MVP) AI tool.

Simplifying AI Implementation

McKinsey and Salesforce are collaborating to enhance AI adoption in business. McKinsey has expertise with its AI assistant, Lilli, while Salesforce has increased its AI applications. Recently, they have launched its AI Cloud. They’re expected to launch more AI features at Dreamforce.

Salesforce also confirmed a similar partnership with IBM, rivaling the new announcement with McKinsey. Both companies plan to improve customer interactions, personalized marketing, faster sales, and improved customer service. They believe AI is a catalyst for growth and aim to integrate these technologies into Salesforce’s workflows to assist businesses in turning innovation into impact.

This collaboration stands out by offering a smooth experience for companies, joining their strategic objectives with AI applications.  McKinsey and Salesforce provide a joint team to join hands directly with company teams, including data scientists, cloud engineers, and specialists. Moreover, the partnership focuses on user-friendliness, enabling companies to utilize their language learning models (LLMs) and providing a simple platform for data viewing and inquiries.

The Financial Benefits

Research by McKinsey reveals that generative AI could have a vital impact on the global economy, potentially unlocking up to $4.4 trillion in productivity gains in the future. GenAI is expected to boost marketing spending by 5-15% and enhance sales productivity by 3-5%. Furthermore, with 40% of enterprises aiming to invest in this AI, the collaboration between Salesforce and McKinsey holds the potential to be a transformative force for businesses, assisting them in achieving tangible outcomes.

McKinsey and Salesforce have a history of partnership, with McKinsey purchasing Salesforce Platinum Partner S4G Consulting last year. Both have played significant roles in assisting organizations to accelerate their digital transformations. This collaboration strengthens McKinsey’s AI capabilities, alongside recent acquisitions like Candid and Iguazio and affiliations like its corporate program with Stanford Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence.

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