Meta set to expand its verification services to businesses

Meta set to expand its verification services to businesses

Meta is expanding its verification program to include businesses. This move aims to enhance trust and transparency on the platform by allowing companies to verify their authenticity and legitimacy.

Previously limited to public figures, celebrities, and media organizations, the verification program will now be available to businesses. They can now display a verification badge on their profiles as a visual cue for users. This helps them differentiate between legitimate companies and potentially fraudulent or impersonating accounts. It gives users an added layer of confidence when engaging with businesses on Meta’s platforms.

To obtain verification, businesses must meet specific criteria set by Meta. This may include providing official documentation, verification through phone, email, and minimum activity on their pages or Instagram accounts to prove their authenticity. The verification process will also involve Meta’s team reviewing to ensure compliance with the platform’s policies and guidelines.

By expanding the verification program to businesses, Meta aims to combat the proliferation of fake accounts and scams that can harm users. The verification badge will help users identify legitimate businesses and make informed decisions when interacting with them.

The company is developing a verified program for WhatsApp business users. While verification testing is forthcoming, the company has provided feature insights. The paid tier offers a custom searchable WhatsApp web page creation feature. Meta Verified for Business will roll out to select markets in the next few weeks. Currently, there is no available release date for business verification on WhatsApp.

Meta introduced its individual verification project earlier this year with a monthly subscription pricing higher than X’s $8. However, X’s business verification offering costs $1,000 monthly for a base subscription and $50 monthly for each associated account, making Meta Verified a more affordable choice for smaller organizations.

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