VicOne Opens its Global Headquarters in Tokyo

VicOne Opens its Global Headquarters in Tokyo

VicOne, a cybersecurity titan Trend Micro subsidiary, is making waves as it unveils its Tokyo headquarters, strategically positioned alongside its global bases in Taiwan, Germany, and the United States.

VicOne leverages its expertise in cyber threat intelligence to offer comprehensive automobile protection throughout a vehicle’s life cycle. It, therefore, contributes to global automotive manufacturing and innovation through local integration. Thanks to its global presence, VicOne can assist Japanese automakers in developing their global companies and taking advantage of the opportunities in the automotive industry.

To top it off, the company has appointed Mahendra Negi as its Chairman. Mr. Negi, a renowned Japanese business analyst, has been named the No. 1 Internet Analyst in Japan by Institutional Investor magazine and the No. 2 Software Analyst by Nikkei Shimbun. He worked at Merrill Lynch before joining Trend Micro in 2000, focusing on Japan’s internet and software businesses. He holds master’s degrees in physics and management.

Tokyo-based VicOne and Trend Micro’s Zero Day Initiative will host the first independent Pwn2Own Automotive Security Vulnerability competition in January 2024. The competition aims to address the global increase in connected car cyber risks by encouraging researchers to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in automotive software and devices. The event will have Tesla as its main sponsor, aiming to identify new vehicle vulnerabilities.

In a world where our vehicles are more connected than ever, VicOne’s mission to ensure our safety on the road is both timely and exciting. Industry leaders like VicOne and Mahendra Negi will face challenges on the road ahead, but their innovative approach to automotive cybersecurity makes the future look promising. Buckle up, because VicOne is driving us toward safer roads and secure journeys!

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