Aliro Quantum Completes Funding Round

Aliro Quantum Completes Funding Round

In a groundbreaking development, Aliro Quantum has secured funding from prestigious venture capital firms, including Accenture Ventures and the Leaders Fund. This investment will bolster Aliro Quantum’s mission to advance entanglement-based secure networking.

Aliro Quantum, known as The Quantum Networking Company™, has emerged as a leading force in the world of quantum networking. The company’s mission is to create secure quantum networks that open doors to revolutionary advancements in telecommunications, cybersecurity, and research. Since its inception in 2019, Aliro Quantum has been developing the foundational technologies essential for quantum networks. This unwavering commitment has positioned them at the forefront of quantum networking innovation. Furthermore, Aliro Quantum achieved a remarkable milestone with the launch of AliroNet™, a comprehensive non-QKD multi-purpose entanglement-based secure network solution.

Aliro Quantum Completes Funding Round

Image Credits: Aliro Quantum

Accenture’s Strategic Investment

Accenture Ventures, one of Aliro Quantum’s key investors, recognizes the significance of entanglement-based multi-purpose quantum networks. They envision the transformative impact of quantum networking on industries ranging from telecommunications to cybersecurity and research. Moreover, with the support of Accenture Ventures, Aliro Quantum is well-positioned to achieve its mission of building the world’s first scalable quantum networks.

Jim Ricotta, CEO of Aliro Quantum, expressed excitement about the investments from Accenture and Leaders Fund, stating,

“Investments by Accenture and Leaders Fund provide true validation that entanglement-based multi-purpose quantum networks are the way to go. We’re excited to put these new partnerships to work to grow our customer base, fine tune our products and develop even more use cases for entanglement-based quantum networking.”

As Aliro Quantum continues its journey to shape the future of secure communications, its partnership with Accenture Ventures promises to unlock the vast potential of quantum networking.

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