Certifier Secures $700K Seed Funding for Digital Credentials

Certifier Secures $700K Seed Funding for Digital Credentials

Certifier, a burgeoning SaaS startup based in Poland, has reached a significant milestone by securing over $700,000 in seed funding to bolster its digital credential technology. This round of financing witnessed the enthusiastic participation of renowned investors, such as Movens Capital, FundingBox Deep Tech Fund, DEPO Ventures, and Black Pearls VC.

Established merely two years ago by Sergey Butko and Vlad Turak, Certifier specializes in digital credential infrastructure. With its SaaS platform, this startup has gained industry momentum, empowering businesses and individuals to issue digital certificates and badges. You’ll find Avon Canada, the University of Illinois, and the Oxford School District among its distinguished clientele.

Certifier’s triumph can be attributed mainly to its pioneering platform, which streamlines the issuance of digital credentials. Certifier utilizes Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to enable seamless data exchange with external systems. Consequently, this makes it an attractive option for organizations seeking to modernize their credentialing procedures.

The expansion of Certifier’s customer base further underscores its growth, now counting more than 400 businesses across the globe among its clientele. More than 80% of revenue is impressively from the UK, US, and Canada, highlighting global appeal.

Certifier’s ability to secure substantial funding with relatively modest investments underscores its potential to revolutionize the digital credentialing sector. Certifier poised for innovation and growth, aiming to make a lasting impact in SaaS and beyond.

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