Armenia’s 10Web Integrates AI with WordPress

Armenia’s 10Web Integrates AI with WordPress

In the fast-paced digital realm, website creation has seen a transformative shift driven by the integration of generative AI technology. Armenian startup 10Web is revolutionizing website construction on WordPress by harnessing the potency of generative AI technology.

Founded in 2017, 10Web has swiftly risen to prominence by addressing the complex task of crafting websites on WordPress. With an estimated 40% of websites worldwide relying on WordPress, the platform’s potential is undeniable. However, its intricate nature often poses a challenge to beginners.

Recognizing this hurdle, 10Web has embarked on a mission to democratize website creation. By seamlessly integrating cutting-edge generative AI models like Llama 2, GPT-4, and Stable Diffusion into its platform, the company empowers users to use WordPress websites effortlessly. Through simple text prompts, individuals can now navigate the intricate maze of website development without necessitating extensive technical expertise.

Armenia’s Technological Advantages

Central to 10Web’s success is Armenia’s strategic advantage in fostering affordable yet top-tier AI talent. Co-founder Arto Minasyan, a visionary in the tech realm, strategically leverages this talent pool to position 10Web as a frontrunner in the global market. With a burgeoning clientele of 20,000 paying users and a staggering 1.5 million websites facilitated, the company is a testament to Armenia’s potential to make substantial contributions to the tech landscape.

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The Future of Web Design

The implications of integrating generative AI into web design are far beyond simplification. Companies like 10Web are reshaping the software development lifecycle. They are driving the industry forward by encouraging creativity, enabling quick prototyping, and delivering captivating and innovative digital experiences.

In the future, the combination of AI technology with web development holds the potential to inspire a new cohort of creators, designers, and innovators. The potential for transformation within this rapidly evolving digital landscape is boundless.

Armenia’s 10Web is leading the way in a new era of website building. Through their innovative integration of AI technologies, they are not only streamlining the process but also democratizing access to the world of web development.

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