Start-up Matter Raises $10M For Microplastics Filtration

Start-up Matter Raises $10M For Microplastics Filtration

Matter raises $10M to revolutionize industrial microplastic filtration. The startup’s innovative filter approach addresses the widespread issue of microplastics.

Microplastics are an inescapable concern, evident from a plethora of studies. While existing oceanic waterways and bodies pose a challenge with existing particles, we can mitigate the release of new ones. Here, Matter steps in with a substantial $10 million infusion. They aim to combat this imminent crisis through an innovative reusable filter system. Additionally, Matter aims to be a game-changer by capturing microfibers before joining the sea and amplifying the issue.

Synthetic fabrics, especially polyester, continuously shed countless minute pieces during production, wear, washing, and disposal. These minuscule yet hazardous polymer fragments infiltrate ecosystems, commencing with filter-feeding organisms and gradually permeating the food chain. This multi-faceted problem underlines the pressing need for inventive solutions, which Matter is committed to providing.

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Microplastics Filtration

In 2017, Adam Root, Matter’s forward-thinking CEO, embarked on his microplastics mission as the gravity of the situation became increasingly evident. Root’s mechanical engineering background, nurtured through roles at Dyson and GE, primed Matter for innovative strides. Their Kickstarter success, the Gulp—an aftermarket filter for home washing machines—signaled a significant consumer appetite for eco-friendly alternatives.

Matter’s innovation hub lies in its cutting-edge filter technology, a departure from disposable alternatives. Root aptly calls this “regenerative filtration,” an ingenious process that assembles materials without chemical additives. This pioneering approach allows collected plastic residue to be repurposed or safely discarded. Much like lint traps in dryers, Matter’s filters act as essential guardians, intercepting microplastics before they pollute water systems.

Root’s strategic vision encompasses both consumer-level and industrial solutions. Starting with direct-to-consumer (D2C) sales, the company acknowledges the importance of addressing both ends of the spectrum. By simultaneously targeting individual consumers and engaging large-scale industries, they optimize their potential for impactful microplastic reduction.

Meeting Industrial Standards

As microplastics gain regulatory traction, Matter’s approach becomes increasingly significant. The global trend is unmistakable with the French government poised to mandate microplastic mitigation in washers. Matter envisions seamless integration with washing machine manufacturers, diminishing reliance on post-market solutions and ushering cleaner water systems into the mainstream.

Visualizing Matter’s journey unveils an industrial-scale prototype designed to manage vast quantities of wastewater daily. This visionary system minimizes space requirements and outflow disruptions, adhering closely to the company’s sustainability commitment. Unlike traditional alternatives, Matter’s solution breaks away from disposable parts, further amplifying its positive environmental impact.

Matter’s eco-conscious mission has sparked significant investment interest. Their recent $10M A round, led by S2G Ventures and SOUND Waves, Leonardo Dicaprio’s Regeneration.VC, Katapult Ocean, and a select group of strategic partners. With this infusion of funds, Matter is poised to turbocharge their industrial filtration endeavors.

Unlocking Industrial Potential

Root asserts this funding will significantly bolster Matter’s industrial filtration pursuits, chiefly through strategic personnel investments. With a robust technological foundation, Matter’s strategic focus shifts toward seamless collaboration with industry giants. The aim is to leverage their efficient production capabilities, propelling progress akin to a juggernaut’s relentless momentum.

Matter’s trajectory transcends mere expansion; it’s about catalyzing worldwide change. As pilot projects unfold in Turkey, Mexico, India, and Sri Lanka, the coming year promises invaluable insights to refine their approach. The 2025 objective? To scale production, delivering millions of filter units of all sizes—an unequivocal manifestation of Matter’s steadfast commitment to tackling microplastics on a global scale.

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