Verge Motorcycles Appoints Mark Wilson as New CFO

Verge Motorcycles Appoints Mark Wilson as New CFO

A Finnish electric motorcycle company, Verge Motorcycles, recently appointed their new CFO, Mark Wilson, to expand their business Internationally.

Wilson, former EVP & CFO for Aston Martin Lagonda Plc and ex-McLaren Automotive, brings over twenty years of experience raising funding and growing international operations in the automotive industry. The appointment comes at a crucial time for Verge as they aim to grow stateside and prepare to expand globally.

They manufacture the world’s most technologically advanced electric superbike, as implied in the Verge’s “about us” section. Since its inception, the company has challenged traditional approaches to design. They are developing the world’s most futuristic electric motorcycle from the ground up. CTO Lehtimaki expresses his views on the recent CFO appointment and his reasoning for selecting Wilson.

Marko Lehtimäki says he is elated to have Wilson on the team at this growth stage. The new CFO’s strong expertise and unparalleled experience in the auto industry will bring great value to Verge. As the company’s order book accelerates with upcoming funding rounds, they plan to boost delivery capacity to meet the demand.

Whereas Mark Wilson discusses the company’s vision and says,

“Verge’s unique innovation, state-of-the-art design, and ambitious vision are attracting enormous interest amongst international investors despite the challenging economic environment. This is a pivotal moment for the company as it scales up to meet growing customer demand globally. Having an order book that extends well into next year positions Verge is primed to lead the electric superbike category. Joining such an exciting and dynamic business thrills me.”

Verge Motorcycles

Source: Verge Motorcycles

Final Verdict:

Despite economic challenges, Verge Motorcycle’s innovative design and ambitious vision continue to captivate international investors. Hence, now with Wilson as the CFO, the company is all set to navigate this new era of growth and international outreach and meet the surging customer demand that lies ahead.

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