Google is testing AI-Generated backgrounds on Google Meet

Google is testing AI-Generated backgrounds on Google Meet

Google, a leader in cutting-edge technology, is breaking new ground by integrating AI-generated backgrounds on Google Meet. This feature aims to enhance virtual meetings by allowing users to replace their real-life backgrounds with professionally curated scenes without needing a physical green screen.

Google’s AI technology is at the core of this feature’s success. Deep learning algorithms, including convolutional neural networks and image segmentation techniques, enable the real-time detection and extraction of the user’s silhouette from the video feed. This ensures a seamless authentic, and immersive experience.

As unveiled by Artem Russakovsii on Twitter, the feature is currently available as part of Google Workspace Labs, limiting its accessibility to a select few participating in the testing phase.

Google’s support page outlines the process for using AI-generated backgrounds on Google Meet. Participants in the test group can access the feature by clicking “Apply Visual Effects” and selecting “Generate a background.” They can then enter a prompt, such as “Luxurious living room interior,” and choose a style like “Photography,” “Illustration,” or “Fantasy” for reference. Additionally, the system suggests other background options based on the provided prompt. To ensure safety and user satisfaction, Google encourages users to provide feedback if they encounter any generated content that they consider unsafe or unsuitable.

Throughout the year, Google has rolled out many valuable features for Google Meet. These updates include emoji reactions, individual tile stream pausing, 1080p streaming support, and video tile pairing catering to education users. Google’s AI-generated backgrounds on Meet revolutionize virtual communication, enhancing professionalism, privacy, and engagement. This innovative feature showcases Google’s commitment to user experience and data ethics. As remote work gains momentum, AI-generated backgrounds could become essential for elevating virtual interactions.

GIF of "Generate a background" feature

Source: Google

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